Agriculture and Food Processing

With Northwest Ohio’s abundant land and fertile soil, farming is still one of the staples of our local economy.  Companies in the region include Campbell’s Soup, Cargill, ADM, and the Andersons.


From traditional forms of energy to real alternative energy solutions, Northwest Ohio is positioned to be a major force in the energy sector.  Companies and institutions important to this sector include:  BP-Husky Refining, LLC, FirstSolar, Marathon, Sunoco, Xunlight, the University of Toledo, Bowling Green State University, First Energy and others.

Corporate Headquarters and Professional Services

Marathon Petroleum, Owens Illinois, Dana Corporation, and Owens Corning remain the area’s resident Fortune 500 world headquarters.  Many smaller companies have chosen to grow in Northwest Ohio and maintained their corporate function here because of the myriad of professional services available in the region.


Whether its automobiles, furniture, or medical supplies the people of Northwest Ohio know how to manufacture high quality goods on time at competitive costs to improve bottom line profits.  The region’s leading manufacturers include General Motors, Chrysler-Jeep, Whirlpool, and Johns Manville.

Travel and Tourism

One day isn’t enough to see and do all that is Northwest Ohio.  You can ride 17 roller coasters at Cedar Point, take in art at the Toledo Museum of Art, visit an 18th century village at Sauder Village, or enjoy the splendor of Lake Erie from the region’s north coast.

Transportation and Logistics

Northwest Ohio is strategically located at the intersection of Interstate 75 and Interstate 80/90, the two longest north-south and east-west roads in North America.  The region is host to intensive rail service, seaport connections to the St. Lawrence Seaway, and a major air freight hub at Toledo Express Airport.  Many companies have found that Northwest Ohio is a successful launching pad to serve the North American marketplace.